Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being Ray Bradbury

So I'm not crazy! Okay, I am -- but so was Ray Bradbury, who wrote:

I can work anywhere. I wrote in bedrooms and living rooms when I was growing up with my parents and my brother in a small house in Los Angeles. I worked on my typewriter in the living room, with the radio and my mother and dad and brother all talking at the same time. Later on, when I wanted to write Fahrenheit 451, I went up to UCLA and found a basement typing room where, if you inserted ten cents into the typewriter, you could buy thirty minutes of typing time.

Yes. Yes!

Are you a member of our tribe?

Can you write in a car? At a bar? On a star? In a plane? On a train? On Fifth and Main?

Read the rest over at Passive Guy.

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers


  1. I spent two days with you in the front row of a conference and I'm going to have to smack you. Neither your website nor your blog has your author contact email on it.....>.<

    the links to the crime scene photo websites:

    The graphic stuff we need to describe the stuff we write.


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