Friday, January 2, 2009

Writing Resolutions for the New Year

So it's that time again, right? Making promises to yourself, resolving not to return to old habits. I typically don't make resolutions - I make and break and keep promises year-round. But today, I'll make an exception.

Writing Resolutions for 2009
1. Actively journal. For Christmas, I received two Livescribe journals and a moleskin notebook. I'll keep one in my purse, and will jot down anything interesting I see or any random, yet promising thought that pops into my busy little head.

2. Connect with more readers. Even though A Quiet Storm was published in 2002, books are forever. I will meet with book clubs - on line and in person - to talk about AQS and my WIP. I will use Facebook to my writing advantage, and not just to take movie quizzes, play Text Twist, or pass cyber-martinis to my friends.

3. Patience. One virtue I'm lacking in. I want everything to happen two days ago. And I will sometimes force something to happen instead of letting it bloom on my own. When it's come to my writing, I've started on this resolution already, and wonderful things have started to happen. Keep on keeping on.

4. Exercise more. What does this have to do with writing? A healthy body builds confidence. Being a writer, one needs as much confidence as she can find.

5. Get published again. That's not in my power, you say? Maybe not. But if I follow resolutions 1-4, my chances skyrocket and The View from Here will find a home.

Pip, pip and good cheer! Here's to a new year. What will you resolve to do for 2009?

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