Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Wanna Look but I Don't Wanna Look!

So, the wonderful people at Titan Books sent me cover artwork for the U.K. ARC (advanced reading copy) for Land of Shadows and....


I'm flattered. And speechless. And excited. And embarrassed. And... wow! It's been a dream of mine since FOREVER to be a novelist. And now, my FACE is on the cover of my NOVEL. I'm so happy that I've imploded and so I'm numb and can't even FEEL anything, y'know?

So here it is:

What do you think?

Little did I know that this picture (taken by my friend Andre Ellis)would double as cover art.

I like the blue tint, and how the 'A' in 'Hall' jabs into the 'W' of 'Howzell.'

So two great covers from Forge and Titan, and incredible publishing support from both fabulous houses.

I'm truly blessed!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why I Love Second Drafts

My girl is getting her hair did and I'm seated in the waiting room, right near the ladies restroom with its flushing and echoing sounds of... all sorts of things. 

But I'm happy. Know why? Cuz I'm now working the second draft of Number Three of the Elouise Norton series. 

And this is the first page of Chapter 4 which used to be Chapter Three.

That's a wonderful thing about second drafts. That and a few other things:

--using my favorite tools like my Staedtler pencils, stickie notes of every size and color
--writing everywhere on the page
--name changes cuz you now know the people you're writing about
-- research being more direct cuz you know what your story is about
--crossing out and stet-ing and lines
--new titile cuz again you know what your story is about.

There be monsters off in the second draft -- and here is where you slay them and create your own. 

Second drafts? I feel in control. And as a control freak, I can dig it! 

Even as some woman is peeing in a tiny room three feet away from me.

Friday, January 17, 2014

And In New York...

My friends at Forge are busy, busy, busy! Getting it together for the June publication of Land of Shadows! I'm addicted to page 10 of the Forge Spring Summer 2014 catalog. And here it is!

Can you believe THAT?! Cool, right?!

I hope that I'll get to meet you at a 'Select Event'!! Keep checking here and my official website for tour dates - either real world or on the interwebs! I'll be the one running down the hall, whooping and cartwheeling!

Shadows Over There


Did I tell you that the UK rights to Land of Shadows was purchased by Titan Books?


Did I tell you that they are just wonderful and attentive and excited?


Did I tell you that the UK version of Land of Shadows will be May 23rd?

I know I didn't tell you that!

And did I mention that I'm going to the UK to help spread the word about Shadows?

I didn't tell you that until now!

But yes, I will be across the pond in May and I'll be sure to post dates and places in case you want to stop by and say hi. Until then, here's Titan's official press release:

Needless to say that I'm thrilled and... and... I know my 'thing' is words but 'a dream come true' is a total understatement.

So what would you call it?