Friday, January 17, 2014

Shadows Over There


Did I tell you that the UK rights to Land of Shadows was purchased by Titan Books?


Did I tell you that they are just wonderful and attentive and excited?


Did I tell you that the UK version of Land of Shadows will be May 23rd?

I know I didn't tell you that!

And did I mention that I'm going to the UK to help spread the word about Shadows?

I didn't tell you that until now!

But yes, I will be across the pond in May and I'll be sure to post dates and places in case you want to stop by and say hi. Until then, here's Titan's official press release:

Needless to say that I'm thrilled and... and... I know my 'thing' is words but 'a dream come true' is a total understatement.

So what would you call it?

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