Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heroines to Believe In

My 5-year old daughter is the perfect heroine.

I've always thought this, but on Saturday, she reminded me of the type of female characters I love seeing.

This was Maya in the morning:

And this was Maya in the evening:

A Soccer Rockstar and a Princess.

And that's the type of female characters I strive to write. A person interested in all parts of life--she can kick ass, then stick that same foot into a Manolo Blahnik heel like this:

What type of heroines do I enjoy?

The heroine who can diagram a sentence to death and knows all the capitals of the states; but sometimes stumbles on 'cinammon' or 'cinnamon.'

She is strong in public but still weeps watching "Terms of Endearment."

Isn't scared of blood... unless it's her, and then it's, oh crap, what the hell is this about?

Likes expensive rib-eyes steaks and grilled asparagus AND an In-N-Out burger animal style with fries and... a Diet Coke.

Sees past the obvious flaws in people and look for more meaningful ways they are jacked up. "He's a jerk" and "She's a snot" are just way too easy.

Enjoys watching "America's Next Top Model" and a documentary on... anything.

Doesn't go in the dark, creepy house and if she does, it's only because her beloved (mother, sister, cousin or Golden Retriever) is held captive there.

Knows that her happily-ever-after may not include a man. And if it doesn't, then, oh well.

Has her own s*#t yet shares well with others.

Only relies on her looks to get her information that she needs to advance a noble cause.

Is far from perfect but sometimes refuses to acknowledge that.

What do you look for in heroines?

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  1. Well, besides my mother, wife and daughter all heroines for different reasons... I'm a real fan of Room to Read and their co-founder & CEO Erin Ganju you can see Erin interviewed here

    Hats off to all our heroines!