Monday, January 3, 2011

Strange Twisted and So True, She Says

Awesome news!

Mega-reviewer Nina Sankovitch just posted an incredible review of The View from Here on her site Read All Day.

Because others' reviews are copyrighted, here is just a small excerpt of what Nina had to say:

The View From Here is Gaslight turned up a notch by modern life, including current anxieties about having it all (baby, career, husband, good sex, great vacations, big screen TVs). Whereas in the movie Gaslight, the woman can only rely on her own resources to fight off impending insanity, Nicole must free herself from the too-freely prescribed medications and proffered therapies, stripping down to the basics of who she is -- only then can she beat the demons at the door (and in her house).

Please visit Nina's site. And please, please, purchase a copy of The View from Here. You'll like it. I swear!


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