Thursday, November 3, 2011

New e-Novel a'Comin'

I've been silent. Cuz I've been working. On what? you ask?

Drum roll, please.....

In collaboration with Beyond the Page Publishing, my new e-novel will be published in time for Thanksgiving.

Here's a little more about No One Knows You're Here:

Three weeks out of cancer surgery, crime reporter Syeeda McKay is in the pursuit of Los Angeles’ most active serial killer. Over the last twenty years, the Phantom Slayer has hunted African-American prostitutes working in one of the worst parts of South Los Angeles, killing eight victims in the alleys off Western Avenue, and then disappearing into the shadows. But Syeeda doesn’t know that the killer has turned his sights on her. Detective Adam Sherwood, a hotshot investigator with the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD, has been handed the Phantom Slayer cases, and together, he and Syeeda must figure out who is doing the killing… before Syeeda becomes his next victim.

And here's the cover which was designed by my husband David Hall -- who also designed the cover for The View from Here. (Psst! Need a cover for your novel. Let me know -- I'll hook you up, man!)

I will keep you posted on all thing No One Knows You're Here aka NOKYH as well as other book-related news-es.

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