Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sharing a Short with You (Yes, You!)

You know me.

I like novels - reading them, writing them, buying them.

Sometimes, though, sometimes there are stories that don't need 70,000 words.

Like my new short story, Red Sky in the Morning.

I'd like to share this short with you, one chapter at a time.

Is that cool?

What is about first
, you ask. Then, I'll say, 'yes, that's cool.'

Well, how's this?

On her 30th birthday, Catherine (Cat) drives her mother Genevieve to chemotherapy. Since Cat is her mother’s caretaker, the two are always together; but the departure of Cat’s father
Paul twenty-four years ago has strained their relationship. With the onset of her mother’s illness, Cat wonders about this distance. That evening, she combs through her mother’s old mementos to remember the year her father left.

Red Sky in the Morning offers a glimpse into the lives of two women with secrets and regrets. It asks, what is a good mother? What is a good daughter? Catherine had always hoped that life would correct itself with a father, a healthy mother, and a Cosby-family relationship with both parents. Instead, she realizes that real life and real relationships are never that easy to navigate.

We cool now?

Hope so. Stay tuned for the first chapter later today.

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