Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Love from Pornokitsch!

Hey, there!

Good weekend?

Good for me -- spent three days at Left Coast Crime in Monterey, California, surrounded by wonderful mystery writers and readers! Ate a cup of incredible clam chowder at the Wharf, bought a pound of sea salt caramels and stuffed too many (is there really such a thing) of books into my carry-on. Good, good, good!

And I woke up this morning to discover a great book review of LAND OF SHADOWS from U.K. mega-blog Pornokitsch!

...Shadows is best when Norton is doing her police work - Hall has a knack for describing the detail of the procedural day to day, be that the smell of a decomposed corpse (eee) or the breakroom comaraderie.


Wow, I say again!

Go here to read to entire review, and then stay awhile to see what else is poppin'!

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