Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Murder at The Beach Bouchercon 2014 - Long Beach: California Love: Six Awesome Reasons Why Southern ...

Murder at The Beach Bouchercon 2014 - Long Beach: California Love: Six Awesome Reasons Why Southern ...: By Rachel Howzell Hall Yeah, yeah, traffic and smog and organic-vegan-gluten-free-blahblahblahs.  You’re not coming to Southern C...


  1. Maybe I said hello at B-con. It's mostly a blur now. Your book covers are really outstanding: Land of Shadows and No One Know You're Here And you got a blurb from Lee Child. That could be a good thing. And your website is reaaaly ultra-cool. I've never seen one quite like it before. Very slick.

    However, I did want to mention your "organic-vegan-gluten-free-blahblahblahs" remark because my wife and I were staggering all over Long Beach in search of exactly that. Also oil-free and dairy-free, too. I began to know how zombies must feel in their portrayals. Actually, I don't like anything about this zombie craze. Guess I'm just another suspicious mind.

    Anyway, I do look forward to reading your novels. Right now I am working on a female protagonist (that sounds weird) who was a combat chopper pilot for the past 20 years. Now she's out on the street and bored. She attracts trouble like a magnet and she's heading for L.A. And good luck with that, because I escaped L.A. 11 years ago for Montana and wish I'd left earlier. We have direct flights into LAX during summer!! So Long Beach was a pleasant treat while everyone up here froze.

    Jim in MT

  2. Hey, Adam!

    It is a blur, ain't it! And I'm not shocked you didn't find organic-vegan-blahblahblah. That part of Long Beach is ultra-touristy with all the fried jalapeno bacon poppers and Cheez Wiz fluffer-doodles. A few blocks up are better selections. And Montana?! That's a hella long way from L.A. Wish the weather was a little better for you!

    My labelmate at Forge is having her first novel published next June -- and her story is about a female Navy pilot ( Anne's wonderful -- she's flown with several Seal teams and is now writing. Check her out.

    And I hope you like LOS and NOKYH (which was originally published in 2011 but I just got my rights back last week). Have a wonderful holiday season!