Sunday, January 18, 2015

Skies of Ash: Lou Norton is Back, Baby!

And WHY is she back, you ask?

Cuz Los Angeles can't let a lady-cop rest.

Cuz these were the last words of one of her victims:

Something something kill me.

That's why she's back.

And how about Forge's cover art? I LOVE IT! So dramatic!

I'm so very lucky to have incredible covers for both versions.


Here's the synopsis:

Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise “Lou” Norton and her partner, Colin Taggert, arrive at the scene of a tragic house fire. Juliet Chatman perished in the blaze, along with her two children. Left behind is grieving husband and father Christopher Chatman, hospitalized after trying to rescue his family. Chatman is devastated that he couldn’t save them.

Unless, of course, he’s the one who killed them.

Neighbors and family friends insist the Chatmans were living the dream. But Lou quickly discovers the reality was very different. The flames of adultery, jealousy, scandal, fraud, and disease had all but consumed the Chatmans’ marriage before it went up in smoke.

Lou’s own marriage hangs by a thread. Soured by the men in her life, Lou is convinced that Chatman started the fire. Her colleagues worry that her personal issues are obscuring her judgment. With very little evidence regarding the fire—and rising doubts about her husband’s commitment to monogamy—Lou feels played by all sides.

Was the fire sparked by a serial arsonist known as The Burning Man? Or by the Chatmans' son, who regularly burned his father’s property?

Searching for justice through the ashes of a picture-perfect family, Lou doesn’t know if she will catch an arsonist or be burned in the process.


Now, I don't wanna be all up in your wallet, but you know you can pre-order SKIES OF ASH right this very moment. Here. Here. ESPECIALLY here.

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