Thursday, March 5, 2015

And So It Begins...

One of the scariest parts of writing for others is awaiting their reaction.

Will they like it?

Will they hate it?

Will they finish it? (Which may be worst than hating it)

SKIES OF ASH (coming to America on May 19 and the U.K. on May 29) just received a review from Kirkus Reviews. Not only did the critic read it, they loved it!

Here's my favorite part:
Hall outdoes her stellar debut in an exploration of vile secrets that pays homage to that earlier master of complex California homicide, Raymond Chandler.

Stellar.. vile... complex California homicide... and RAYMOND CHANDLER.

[insert big sigh of relief]

Here's the entire review.

You know you can't pre-order SKIES OF ASH right now, don't you?

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