Friday, February 6, 2009

Craptastic Crap

This morning, Bookslut had a link to some Awesomeness from The Kansas City Pitch called Studies in Crap.

Each week, the writer features a published book so bad, it's... still bad but awesomely so. This week: Killinger: The Rainbow/Seagreen Case by P.K. Palmer. And yes, there is a slash in the title.

Here's a taste:

"Killinger hung up quickly to cut off complaints and because Marja-Liisa had moved his hand to her golden grove and had begun quivering against his fingers and her sighs had become deep."


"The man looked at the long splendid legs before him. He looked up past them and past the glorious rounds of the breasts at a wondrous face and long tawny hair. He rose to introduce himself.
'My name is Jeddediah Killinger the Third.'"


Stepping back a bit, he put his hand under chin and lifted it. 'Say ... prunes.'
With the word, her lips went into a lovely bee-sting pout. 'Prunes ...'
Killinger kissed her tenderly.

This is now a must-read column for me.

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  1. He stole my idea as well as out foxed me in the written word. Too many master chefs in the kitchen of writing.