Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You to Early Supporters!

Hello, All!

So, I was writing in my car (while driving) the other day when an idea struck me!

Idea Fairy: You know, there were some folks who immediately stopped what they were doing AT THAT VERY MOMENT to purchase your new Kindle book, The View from Here .

Me: Yeah. That's pretty cool.

Idea Fairy: So, did you thank them?

Me: Of course. I believe in being gracious. And I tip my servers all the time -- even when they suck. You know the other day --

Idea Fairy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know about the lady at that place who did that thing. Not the point, Howzell. Why don't you thank them publicly?

Me: Ummm... Like a skywriter? Or -- ooh! A blimp? Yeah! Nothing says 'I love you' like a zeppelin.

Idea Fairy: Zeppelins are pretty cool, but I meant thanking them on your blog.

Me: [blinking].

I exited the 405 Freeway, then, and stopped to put air in my tire before picking up the girl. And then a whole bunch of other stuff happened, but I won't go into it (soccer cleats and Pop Tarts were involved).

Anyhoo, here's what the Idea Fairy wanted me to do:

A big THANK YOU and HUGS to:

David, Gretchen, Gigi, Stacey, Toni, Joe, Stephanie, Wess, Tasha, Dee, Debbie, Cloda, Norma, Tracy the Poet and Suzanne the Novelist.

If you bought a copy of The View from Here , and want to let me know, please do. David's pricing zeppelins right now so let me know before we have take-off!


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