Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Novel Idea - the Life of a Chapter II

I've been busy, busy, busy since the last la vida de chapter. Yes, yes, yes! You remember pitiful little Chapter 7, with its handwritten text and its blank lines and unformed ideas?

Well, Chapter 7 is now a grade-schooler with its missing front teeth, and ponytails and such. Still unformed and far from final but definitely not an infant.

Here it is now (click on each image to read):

So what's changed?

Well, first off, it is now Chapter 6, and it's transformed from pen to computer. A

And now, I have a working title: A Devil Within.

Also, I know my characters' names and I'm figuring out the roles they will play throughout the story.

Further, I decided to use the "We" point of view since the neighbors will try to figure out 'whodunnit.'

And I know now what the note says... For now...

I am still homing in on personalities, and I'm still quite short on environmental description and character actions. That will come in the next draft.

Stay tuned!

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